Florida Firefighters

I was lucky enough to get a week of vacation in March of 2011 and while most of my family was flying down to Florida, I opted to take the scenic route and drive down there, which allowed me to stop off in Atlanta and visit some friends on the way down. I left a few days early and photographed a few hot guys down there on some beautiful beaches as well. It happened to be Spring Break week as well, which meant heavier traffic in most areas I traveled to, yet it also resulted in beautiful warm weather too, and I was able to handle the trade off just fine. The first couple of days I arranged to meet Greg and Justin at Fort De Soto State Beaches and photographed them in fire gear on one of the beaches with the Sunshine Skyway in the background of some of the images…that is the huge bridge that crosses the bay south of St Petersburg, Florida….I started with Justin as Greg was running a bit late…Justin is an Abercrombie model in his spare time and wrestles alligators as well….he also looks  alot like Brad Pitt with long blonde hair….

FF Beach Boy and The Bridge

FF Beach Boy 4FF Beach Art 2


FF Beach Art 6              FF Beach Dream 4

FF Beach Boy Fantasy 3                      FF Beach Boy Fantasy 4

FF All American Beach Hottie

FF All American Stud


Greg showed up about midway through my shoot with Justin and I was able to work him in soon after…. 

FF Tampa Bay HottieFF Tampa Bay Hottie 2

FF All American Boy 3


…we shot many other images at the beaches there and let me tell you both of these guys caused quite a sensation there with the crowd…if you wish to see those images, check out my other site. Afterwards, we followed Justin over to a great little Chinese Restaurant in St Petersburg that he had frequented for a good early supper. The next day I drove over to the east coast of Florida near Stuart, to Hutchinson Island to photograph Sheriden, a local firefighter and bodybuilder as well. He had just started paramedic school and was interested in fitness modeling work as well, so I was able to hook him up with a photographer friend of mine in southern Florida who is well known in fitness circles. Sheriden turned out to be a bit of a photographer himself, and was shooting landscapes when I arrived, he also was a lot of fun to work with, and we shot down by the reef that had been pulled up on the sand years before to form a bit of a holie bluff….

Puttin On His HelmetFF Waves Hottie 3

FF Wet Action StudFF Beach Stud

FF Wave Action Stud 2FF Rapelling Rope Hottie

FF Rope and Ready Hunk Smiles

We also used that rope to show him repelling down from the reef bluff into a void in the bluff….it looked and worked out really well….

FF Rapelling Down 4

FF Rapelling Stud 4

FF Rapelling Stud 5






FF Rapelling Down 2

I shot many more images of Sheriden in some swimwear there on the beach as well, if you are interested in viewing them, take a look at my other site. Sheriden`s bodybuilding career has taken off and he travels to a lot of competitions yearly. Sure enjoyed working with all three of these guys and hope to get down there again.