Raging Sensations Re-Emerges Mainstream

In the early years of the 21st century, I re-started Raging Sensations with the thought of shooting poster work,  this time around. I also wanted to incorporate images of antique fire trucks into my poster work whenever possible,  and utilized my many contacts in the fire service to locate trucks that I could photograph with models. Many of the trucks I have photographed since the re-start, are privately owned and maintained, many of them maintained and preserved very well by the owners. 

Carlos…Hot Spanish Firefighter

Back in 2009, I had the pleasure of meeting a hot young firefighter from the country of Spain…he was over here attending college for a few years…and he also was modeling on the side…so I was able to shoot some great images of him in fire gear too….meet Carlos….

FF Sexy Boi

Carlos With Tires              Hot Hunk Smiles


FF Armed and Dangerous                       FF Firelight


FF Nozzleman          Gettin Ready


FF Nozzlemaster

                                                one…smokin….. hott…. guy…..


The Return of Raye….

In October of 2011,  I heard from one of my first models who started out modeling glamour with me and then once she turned eighteen,  added nude print work as well, many years ago. She was very hot looking back then and was big in demand for print work……Raye was so sexy, hot and a natural poser, everyone wanted me to photograph her on their motorcycles and vehicles, she caused quite a sensation everywhere she went to model…she married one of my male models and I photographed their wedding, then they soon after moved off to the Lake, where Jared had a good job in construction and Raye became a dancer, and I might add, a very popular and high in demand dancer.  We stayed in touch and talked occasionally through various outlets, email, and eventually FB brought us more in contact with each other. She was also a huge hit with my calendar work at the very start….

FF Hose Babe 4                 FF Deck Gun Babe 3

When she contacted me on FB and asked me to photograph her, she was getting into the fitness world and I agreed to photograph her once again. She has always been, and continues to be, one of my favorite models to work with.  She came down one Saturday morning and brought several outfits with her, we decided on a few to start with, and I shot several photos of her locally and then at a farm location owned by good friends of mine. Here are some of my favorites of that session….you`ll see that she is just as GORGEOUS as she was when she started with me fifteen years ago….

FF Ready for Work 2                FF Hott Babe

FF Hott Babe 2             FF Hose Babe

As usual, I had a lot of fun working with her once again and look forward to the next time as well. Thanks Raye…..

Abercrombie Joe

During the summer of 2011, I met Joe, a hot young Abercrombie model who had heard of my work and came to shoot with me….he had so much fun during his first shoot, that he returned a few months later to shoot some more with me…..he was bright and stunning to work with, even had a hot and innocent look to him….

FF Firelight Innocent Hottie              FF Firelight Sweet Flirt

FF Firelight Hottie 2          FF Firelight Hottie 3

FF Firelight Hottie            FF Firelight Aussie Boi




New Guy Mike

Later in April, I had the chance to work with a new guy named Mike, and after about two hours of working with him, found out he looked great in fire gear too…

FF Glowing In the Dark         FF Hott Roper

FF Hott and Ready               FF Hott Firelight

…and decided after just a few images of Mike, that I had found a new poster man, very sexy and natural look and build and comes across on digital as smokin hott….

FF Hottie                                      FF Sexy Axe Art


FF Hott and Sexy


….I was fortunate to be able to work with Mike a few times more and hope to be able to work with him some more….



Illinois Guy Under the Arch

On my way home from Kentucky in April of 2011, I had the opportunity to photograph a guy near the Mighty Mississippi River nearly under the Arch….Kevin looked smoldering hot in fire gear….

FF Arch Hottie                 FF Gravel Pitt HottieFF Gravel Pitt Hottie 2                      FF Art Graffitti





Florida Firefighters

I was lucky enough to get a week of vacation in March of 2011 and while most of my family was flying down to Florida, I opted to take the scenic route and drive down there, which allowed me to stop off in Atlanta and visit some friends on the way down. I left a few days early and photographed a few hot guys down there on some beautiful beaches as well. It happened to be Spring Break week as well, which meant heavier traffic in most areas I traveled to, yet it also resulted in beautiful warm weather too, and I was able to handle the trade off just fine. The first couple of days I arranged to meet Greg and Justin at Fort De Soto State Beaches and photographed them in fire gear on one of the beaches with the Sunshine Skyway in the background of some of the images…that is the huge bridge that crosses the bay south of St Petersburg, Florida….I started with Justin as Greg was running a bit late…Justin is an Abercrombie model in his spare time and wrestles alligators as well….he also looks  alot like Brad Pitt with long blonde hair….

FF Beach Boy and The Bridge

FF Beach Boy 4FF Beach Art 2


FF Beach Art 6              FF Beach Dream 4

FF Beach Boy Fantasy 3                      FF Beach Boy Fantasy 4

FF All American Beach Hottie

FF All American Stud


Greg showed up about midway through my shoot with Justin and I was able to work him in soon after…. 

FF Tampa Bay HottieFF Tampa Bay Hottie 2

FF All American Boy 3


…we shot many other images at the beaches there and let me tell you both of these guys caused quite a sensation there with the crowd…if you wish to see those images, check out my other site. Afterwards, we followed Justin over to a great little Chinese Restaurant in St Petersburg that he had frequented for a good early supper. The next day I drove over to the east coast of Florida near Stuart, to Hutchinson Island to photograph Sheriden, a local firefighter and bodybuilder as well. He had just started paramedic school and was interested in fitness modeling work as well, so I was able to hook him up with a photographer friend of mine in southern Florida who is well known in fitness circles. Sheriden turned out to be a bit of a photographer himself, and was shooting landscapes when I arrived, he also was a lot of fun to work with, and we shot down by the reef that had been pulled up on the sand years before to form a bit of a holie bluff….

Puttin On His HelmetFF Waves Hottie 3

FF Wet Action StudFF Beach Stud

FF Wave Action Stud 2FF Rapelling Rope Hottie

FF Rope and Ready Hunk Smiles

We also used that rope to show him repelling down from the reef bluff into a void in the bluff….it looked and worked out really well….

FF Rapelling Down 4

FF Rapelling Stud 4

FF Rapelling Stud 5






FF Rapelling Down 2

I shot many more images of Sheriden in some swimwear there on the beach as well, if you are interested in viewing them, take a look at my other site. Sheriden`s bodybuilding career has taken off and he travels to a lot of competitions yearly. Sure enjoyed working with all three of these guys and hope to get down there again. 

Miss Lea and Pretty Fire Trucks

In the early years of the 21st century, I re-started Raging Sensations with the thought of shooting poster work, not calendar work, this time around. I also wanted to incorporate images of antique fire trucks into my poster work as well, whenever possible and utilized my many contacts in the fire service to locate trucks that I could photograph with models. Many of the trucks I photographed back in those days were privately owned and maintained, many of them maintained and preserved very well by the owners. One of my good friends has several trucks as well as hose carts, extinguisher carts, fire gear of many different years, and allows me to shoot models utilizing his collections whenever I have a model available to do so…such as I did when Lea contacted me about a week after her initial session with me…and let me know she had some free time coming up and could I come over to her state and shoot with her….so I contacted my buddy Ron and he said sure, no problem…here are a few images from that shoot….

Hood Jeans Babe 5 RT-PSideboard Babe 6 RT

Sideboard Babe5 RTHood Jeans Babe 2RT-PBoots Babe Shows Off Her Assets 2 RT-P2Cab BabeFeet Up, Waiting On Next Call RT










Miss Lea`s First Shoot

In January of 2011, I had the pleasure of working with a gorgeous young lady named Miss Lea that has become a good friend and great model who has returned to work with me several times since that first shoot. When you have worked with as many models as I have in a thirty plus year time period, there are always a few models that stand out in your mind, mainly based on virtues of not only beauty, but also, and sometimes even more importantly, virtues of reliability, dependability, honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, and just plain knowing their craft well. Miss Lea is one of those rare models that comes along just once in a while, she encompasses all of the important virtues in my book and is a natural model, flirt, and great country gal, too. Each and every time that I had the pleasure of working with her, I had a great time photographing her no matter where we were shooting at or what we were shooting, and she has a great personality to go along with a very hott look and bod. The first shoot was here locally and I`ll just let the images do the talking…..

FF Axe Babe Profiled 3             FF Axe Bearing Babe 2

FF Bunker Babe Hottness 4FF Fire Coat Green Eyes Babe

FF Green Eyed Babe








…more of Miss Lea to come….I worked with a couple of other hot babes earlier in 2010, Cris, April, and Krystin, however they were shooting more openly figure work and those images can be found on my other site. 

European Hottie Lucas

A few days before Christmas in 2004, I had the pleasure of working with a hot muscular European model from one of the Balkan countries, who now resided in the USA, and in August of 2010, he returned to work with me once again. The first thing I noticed about Lucas on his first trip down was his very pleasant personality and great smile, very warm, genuine, and friendly young man, great to be around and we became good friends right away and continue to be to this day. While I don`t get to talk to him alot, he stays busy and travels a lot, we do still communicate occasionally by phone and emails. He was just getting into fitness modeling when I first began working with him in `04 and was able to help him with some connections then as well…..

1 Blue Velvet tease


…and when he returned to work with me in August of 2010, the first thing I noticed about him this time, was that he was even more muscular than the first time he came down here. He still had the warm smile and personality…some things just never change, they only get better….

FF Hott and Sexy               FF Hose Hunk Art

FF Hose Hottie Getting Ideas                      FF Hose Wrap Stud





…and since Lucas is not shy and likes to show off his body very openly, you will need to visit my other site to see the rest of the story.