Miss Lea`s First Shoot

In January of 2011, I had the pleasure of working with a gorgeous young lady named Miss Lea that has become a good friend and great model who has returned to work with me several times since that first shoot. When you have worked with as many models as I have in a thirty plus year time period, there are always a few models that stand out in your mind, mainly based on virtues of not only beauty, but also, and sometimes even more importantly, virtues of reliability, dependability, honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, and just plain knowing their craft well. Miss Lea is one of those rare models that comes along just once in a while, she encompasses all of the important virtues in my book and is a natural model, flirt, and great country gal, too. Each and every time that I had the pleasure of working with her, I had a great time photographing her no matter where we were shooting at or what we were shooting, and she has a great personality to go along with a very hott look and bod. The first shoot was here locally and I`ll just let the images do the talking…..

FF Axe Babe Profiled 3             FF Axe Bearing Babe 2

FF Bunker Babe Hottness 4FF Fire Coat Green Eyes Babe

FF Green Eyed Babe








…more of Miss Lea to come….I worked with a couple of other hot babes earlier in 2010, Cris, April, and Krystin, however they were shooting more openly figure work and those images can be found on my other site.