European Hottie Lucas

A few days before Christmas in 2004, I had the pleasure of working with a hot muscular European model from one of the Balkan countries, who now resided in the USA, and in August of 2010, he returned to work with me once again. The first thing I noticed about Lucas on his first trip down was his very pleasant personality and great smile, very warm, genuine, and friendly young man, great to be around and we became good friends right away and continue to be to this day. While I don`t get to talk to him alot, he stays busy and travels a lot, we do still communicate occasionally by phone and emails. He was just getting into fitness modeling when I first began working with him in `04 and was able to help him with some connections then as well…..

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…and when he returned to work with me in August of 2010, the first thing I noticed about him this time, was that he was even more muscular than the first time he came down here. He still had the warm smile and personality…some things just never change, they only get better….

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…and since Lucas is not shy and likes to show off his body very openly, you will need to visit my other site to see the rest of the story.