Kurt Shows Off Fire Gear

In August of 2009, I had the pleasure of working with a popular video model named Kurt…who shot with me that weekend on some underwear and swimwear work as well as some advertising work. When he saw the fire gear, he told me that he had always dreamed of seeing how it fit on him…so I told him to put it on and we would see how it looked on him….here he is putting on the gloves….

FF Putting on His Gloves              FF Hot and Friendly

FF Adjusts His Helmet                      FF Hot and Sexy 2

Kurt had the bunker pants adjusted so loose that they kept sliding off his waist and he had to grab and pull them back up…always with this little innocent smile on his face that made you wonder….

FF Hot and Sexy

FF Bunker Art                     FF Bunker StudFF Nozzle Master 2          FF Nozzle Man FocusedFF Hose Man 2FF Hose Man



FF Smoking Nozzle

FF Bearer of the Axe 2FF Hot Axe StudHot Axe               FF hot Axe and Hose Art

FF Hunky Hoodie                             FF Nozzle Hunk

FF Sexy and Sweaty

FF Kurt Wild Art

….I would say it fits him pretty good…..