Some Were Firefighters, Some Were…

Over the course of the past several years, I have often photographed models who were also firefighters elsewhere and incorporated them with their gear, into my early works of art as well…such was the case with Justin, a local model….

FF Axe Stud            FF Hose Stud

….and Scott, another local boy…..

Poster Shot for RG

Scott modeled for us at the St Clair shoot as well since he was a firefighter there….

RG Calendar

…and Jodie was a firefighter as well, at the time we shot the calendar and poster work, with the Boles Fire District….


….but for the most part back then, firefighters were a bit on the shy side when it came to modeling work…so we had to improvise and put models into fire gear instead. These days, everywhere you look, there are fire service calendars everywhere, most of them filled with images of beefcake men and some devoted entirely to female firefighters, and then there are some individual departments that incorporated both men and women in their calendars. Most fire departments also recognized the importance of keeping their firefighters fit and so you see the fitness ethics incorporated into fire service themed calendars these days as well. 

Here are a few more of the models from the early days of Raging Sensations that I had the pleasure of working with….

FF Axe on Shoulder

Mike, above and below,  was a local boy who moved out of the area shortly after shooting with me for the calendar and then some other modeling work afterward, he was another athletic sports ethic guy with a nice lean build and pleasant farmboy personality.  

RG FF Calendar


Tony was a baseball player that I found at a game one weekend, while I was umpiring in St Louis County, and he turned out to be quite a model for my work, in the calendar as well as quite a few  other shoots, he looked great in fire gear, shot with us at the Washington FD shoot and I shot a few images of him for possible poster sales too….

FF Hott and Wett

…it was a rare occasion when you got him to smile, so had to take those and run with it when you got the chance….cause most of the time you were gonna get his serious look only…..

FF Hott and Wett 2

FF Hott and Ready 2