Antique Pumper in Kentucky

One of my best friends in the fire service, has many friends across the United States that he stays in contact with regarding antique fire trucks, and he was able to put me in touch with some friends of his in Kentucky ahead of my trip in 2008 there, and after a few emails and phone calls, I was able to set up a shoot with a couple of my Kentucky models along with a beautiful antique ALF pumper in the  state.

I contacted Jackie, who lives in north central Kentucky, and is one of the most beautiful blondes I have ever had the pleasure of photograping and working with, and she agreed to meet me at the garage where the pumper was housed, and the owner arranged for a friend of his to meet us there and help us with anything that we might need, such as moving the truck around or any special lighting needs I might have, and security. I had been told that I could open the garage door or even pull the truck outside of the garage to shoot it if needed, but I figured once I started shooting Jackie in some of her outfits and some of mine, this might cause quite a sensation or even a distraction to anyone driving by…and we didnt want to cause any accidents, so we just stayed inside the garage, which had pretty good lighting and I figured I would photoshop the backdrop later on as well. Justin, one of my southern Kentucky models, was running a little late, so Jackie and I decided to forge ahead and we would work Justin in when he showed up. I started her out in a red cropped t shirt top and a red bikini bottom with red heels. 


Red Hot Babe RT                Red Hot Babe Smiles RT


Seatcover on 1928 ALF RT

Hot ALF Babe 1

ALF New Captain RT

Justin arrived soon after and I worked him in a few shots later….he wasn`t in any hurry, he was enjoying the show….

Chief Chauffeur RT              Dress Jacket Passenger Seat RT

Red Thong Babe RT

I`m the New Driver RT              Hot Driver 1928 ALF RT

Then she looked at Justin and said ” climb aboard “….he had arrived in blue jeans and after he took his shirt off, we added red suspenders so he would look the part and an old helmet as well…

Justin and the New Driver RT

Driver and Hose Jockey RT

….then she removed her red top and put the jacket back on….

I Like My Fire Crew RT

It was about then that I asked Justin if he was having fun working with Jackie and my answer was this big smile from him….

Justin Loves his Job RT

…I think that was a YES…….and afterwards, I had just enough time to shoot a few of Justin alone before we finished up the shoot…Jackie had to return to work and Justin headed home and I headed back to visit with friends again….

Getting ready to Hook Up-001

Hard Suction Twist-001

Justin Just Hangin Around RT-001

Justin Puts His Muscles to Work-001

Probie by the Truck-001

Relaxed by Truck-001

Wanna Go For a Ride With Me-001

Running Board Man-001


All in all, a great shoot with a pretty truck and two super models to work with…what more could one ask for….